Deloitte staffs up cyber security business

  • By AB+F Editorial

Founders and 50 staff of security specialist firm Zimbani will join Deloitte’s cyber security team next month as the business aims to be a leader in professional security services.

Zimbani came to the notice of Deloitte’s Tech Fast 50 in 2017 following its founding five years earlier.

The company’s founding partner and CEO, Rene Morel, will join Deloitte as a partner, who along with a co-founder Jason Paul, chief security architect, consulted to a number of Australia’s big four banks before striking out under the Zimbani name.

The company’s chief operating officer Ben Smith will also join Deloitte as a principal in the cyber practice.

Across the region Deloitte has recently invested in Singapore, bringing in Practical Smarts to the firm, in SecurePath in Malaysia, and Code QB in Thailand, and now Zimbani.

Through these investments Deloitte said it was “hyperscaling” its cyber business across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

“As technology continues to disrupt business models and processes, we see cyber readiness and resilience as a key enabler for our clients and are investing accordingly,” Deloitte CEO Richard Deutsch said.

Indeed, cyber risks continues to be a focus for regulators who have called for greater vigilance from industy.