1bill launches phone app to help manage and pay bills

  • By Zilla Efrat

1bill Holdings has launched an Android and iPhone app, 1bill, that will, for the first time, enable Australians to take control of household bill management and ease bill shock.

It can consolidate, view and pay bills, switch to better deals, and unlock a “bill now pay later” function all in one place while earning rewards.

1bill is set to chase the utilities market while meeting coming market disruptions in open banking, open energy and Consumer Data Right.

1bill was founded by Neil Saligrama, who was behind one of Australia's largest utility connection and comparison platforms, Compare & Connect. Originally a bootstrapped start-up, Compare & Connect is now heading towards a $100 million valuation and has a team of 200 staff members across Australia.

"The problem 1bill seeks to solve is very current in the need to provide an end-to-end solution to making bill management and payment easier and more affordable,” says 1bill founder and CEO, Neil Saligrama.

“By offering both management and payment capabilities in one app, the platform is well placed to meet the evolution of the industries in which we operate well into the future, bringing convenience, control, savings and better data and insights for not only consumers but also the retailers and businesses we partner with."

Leveraging the existing Compare & Connect platform as one of the app's multi-faceted functionalities, 1bill users can view similar offers from a broad range of providers and either automatically or manually without ever leaving the 1bill app environment, using its 500,000+ connections and diverse retailer relationships to ensure customers get a better deal.

1bill users can also connect and receive all household bills via the platform. They can choose to automatically or manually pay bills via the app and 1bill will regularly generate budget and spending analyses. Every action taken within the app enables users to earn 1bill points and badges to unlock and redeem special offers.

1bill has partnered with LatitudePay to provide a unique “bill now pay later” service, helping users to avoid financial setbacks when large bills come in by enabling payments to be made over 10 weeks, interest-free.

Originally conceived of with SMEs in mind, 1bill's platform technology is available to be white labelled to companies looking to enhance data capture, consumer experience and retailer engagement processes.

Immediate plans for the start-up include launching 1bill into the New Zealand market as the first step of a global expansion, as well as launching app functions with targeted support for small businesses, plus Bundle & Split payment capabilities.