86 400 launches more savings accounts

  • By AB+F Editorial

86 400 has launched a range of savings accounts giving customers up to three choices including and the banks is piloting a shared accounts pilot. 

This is the latest in a range of products including savings accountsdigital home loans and an Energy Switch service

The bank's customers can linke these multiple savings accounts to their Pay account. 

When 86 400 customers deposit a minimum of $1,000 a month into any of their Pay or Save accounts, they’ll instantly earn 2.25 per cent per annum  bonus rate across all their Save accounts, up to a maximum balance of $100,000 per account  - that’s bonus interest on up to $300,000 in total.

There are also no monthly fees. 

86 400 has also started a pilot program for its joint or Shared accounts.  

According to the neobank, millions of Australians have shared finances and are looking for better ways of spending and saving together. 

86 400 has launched a Shared accounts pilot to help design and deliver its new shared accounts experience.

“Our new savings product gives Australians the opportunity to get more from their money with market-leading interest rates, and flexibility on how they arrange their savings,” 86 400 CEO Robert Bell said in a statement.

“Plus, we’ll actively help them to earn the bonus interest rate each month. This goes well beyond what the Big Four are doing.”

Since launching its first savings product in September, Bell said the bank has already seen tens of thousands switch their savings across 86 400. 

“We’re committed to helping Australians take control of their money and will continue to roll out smart products and features which support that.”