ACCC launches free CDR sandbox

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has launched a consumer data right (CDR) sandbox, a free tool that will help existing and potential CDR participants to better test and improve their CDR offerings.

It will reduce the time and cost involved in becoming an active CDR participant or updating a CDR offering.

According to the ACCC, the CDR sandbox is a hosted environment that behaves and functions like the actual CDR ecosystem.

It will allow participants to set up their own software solutions and communicate with the existing mock solutions and other participants within a secure testing environment, the ACCC says.

“Creating a sandbox to complement our existing mock solutions tools is just one of many steps we are taking to make the process for businesses joining the consumer data right easier and more affordable,” says ACCC Commissioner Peter Crone.

“The CDR sandbox will also help participants improve the effectiveness of their data sharing offerings.

“As the CDR develops, it is important that flexible testing options are available for participants wanting to become active in the Consumer Data Right, so that the ecosystem can expand, and consumers can have more and more choices.”

The CDR Sandbox will provide pre-live development support to assist participants’ processes of becoming active and to help improve data quality for data shared between participants. The sandbox will also remain available to participants after they become active, to assist them in refining and developing their services and products.