Another shift to the cloud for NAB

  • By AB+F Editorial

National Australia Bank has moved its entire 70,000 business customers on its platform to the cloud. 

With $141 billion worth of payments processed on NAB Connect in August alone, the cloud migration ensures the platform remains resilient and reliable, allowing owners to focus their time on serving customers and running their business, according to NAB executive enterprise technology Steve Day.

“The migration to cloud has already benefited customers from fewer platform interruptions, allowing us to deliver a seamless customer experience through fluctuations in demand,” Day said. 

For example, the bank was able to support a 42 per cent increase in usage due to end-of-year financial transactions.

“This migration allows us to develop new services to help our business customers drive operational efficiencies, without disrupting their day-to-day activities,” Day added. 

The platform will also allow is business customers to create a unique business PayID and make and receive real-time one-to-one payments.

The platform is supported by Amazon Web Services part of NAB’s multi-provider approach to the cloud

The bank aims to move 35 per cent of its applications to the cloud by the end of 2020