ANZ NZ heads for the clouds with FIS

  • By Zilla Efrat

ANZ New Zealand will be the first bank outside the United States to use FIS’ cloud-based Modern Banking Platform, deployed on Microsoft Azure, to modernize its core banking capabilities.

In April, FIS announced it was making its modern banking platform available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to cater for increasing digital online banking in markets like the United Kingdom, Thailand and New Zealand.

The platform enables frictionless digital banking services through a cloud-native architecture and uses extensive measures to protect data. It also features the latest advancements in cloud security, monitoring and resiliency from Azure.

FIS says its platform is designed with API-first functionality that puts financial institutions in control of their customer experiences. The solution’s plug-and-play components enable institutions to build the retail and commercial capabilities needed today with the speed needed to innovate into the future.

“Banks need modern systems to meet growing expectations for personalised products and services, and strengthen the customer experience,” says Andrew Beatty, head of enterprise banking at FIS.

“Cloud-based systems have quickly moved from a competitive advantage to the baseline of what makes a successful bank. Cloud-based core banking will enable banks to increase their speed to market and become more agile. We believe ANZ New Zealand is just the beginning of a huge industry trend to drive digital transformation through the cloud.”

Mike Bullock, chief information officer at ANZ New Zealand, adds: “Our current core banking system is very robust and up to date but, like most platforms used by banks around the world, it is based on technology developed decades ago. This work sits within our current five-year investment plan and will allow us to be more innovative in how we deliver banking services.”

ANZ New Zealand’s current Systematics core banking technology is also supplied by FIS.