ANZ Plus enhanced with new features

  • By Zilla Efrat

ANZ has announced some enhancements to its ANZ Plus service, including a Visa dynamic CVV (card verification value) to provide customers with an extra layer of fraud protection.
ANZ first introduced ANZ Plus, built on a new banking platform, in March as an everyday account with no monthly account fees, a multi-goal savings account, a new banking app and additional features to help customers better understand their money.
It has now added BPAY, Pay to a PAY ID, cardless cash and instant access to a digital card. Customers can also dispute all available transaction types via the self-service option.
“We’re continually upgrading and improving the experience for our ANZ Plus customers, with our most requested features now delivered and many more on the way,” says Peter Dalton, managing director of design and delivery, ANZx at ANZ.
ANZ is one of the three big banks to introduce dynamic CVV. The other two are NAB and Westpac.
ANZ’s dynamic CVV feature provides a digital alternative to the static three-digit number on the back of a payment card with a code that automatically updates every 12 hours within the app.
Westpac says it has reduced the incidence of fraud for the average customer with a digital card by 80 per cent since introducing the dynamic CVV feature in its app in early 2020.