Aussies crypto ownership is the third largest of 22 countries

  • By Zilla Efrat

Australia ranks third out of 22 countries in terms of cryptocurrency ownership, according to the Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index.

It reveals that Nigeria and Malaysia have the highest rates of cryptocurrency ownership among internet users. The US ranks in 10th place and Japan has the lowest adoption, with only 4.6 per cent of adults saying they own any cryptocurrency

The index reveals that nearly one in five (18 per cent) adults in Australia own some form of cryptocurrency – up from 13 per cent in a similar survey conducted in March.

Bitcoin is the most popular coin, accounting for 65.2 per cent of crypto owned by Aussies. Ethereum and Cardano are the next most preferred coins in the country.

Indeed, James Edwards, a cryptocurrency expert at Finder, says: “Australia topped the list for the highest percentage of people who own Cardano at 5 per cent, well above the global average of 2 per cent.”

The index shows that in Australia, men are 1.5 times more likely to own cryptocurrency than women. Roughly, 21.8 per cent of men in Australia say they hold crypto compared to 14.1 per cent of women.

Finder’s Index is conducted by polling 41,645 people across 22 countries every quarter.