Bendigo signs up Australia Post for another five years

  • By Zilla Efrat

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has signed a new five-year deal with Australia Post for its Bank@Post services in a move that ensures its customers have access to banking services at more than 3,500 post offices across Australia until 2027.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank CEO and managing director Marnie Baker says the deal will provide certainty and choice to the bank’s more than two million customers.

"As Australia's better big bank we are committed to giving our customers choices about how they do their banking with us, whether that is online, mobile or face-to-face,” says Baker.

“Extending our partnership with Bank@Post for another five years is a demonstration of that commitment.

"The partnership will ensure our customers have access to almost 4,000 locations across the nation where they can conduct transactions over the counter – through our combined branch networks – getting us closer to our goal of becoming Australia's bank of choice.”

The agreement to extend the deal will build on the relationship between the Bank and Australia Post that has been going on more than 20 years. The bank estimates more than 120,000 of its customers use Bank@Post's services each year.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's history stretches back to 1858 and over time it has grown into a nationwide presence with around 7,000 employees and over 110,000 shareholders.