MyState CEO remains

  • By AB+F Editorial

In light of the current uncertainty, MyState CEO Melos Sulicich announced that he would remain with the Tasmanian-based banking and wealth management business.

Sulicich, who was due to leave the company at the end of June, has agreed to extend his employment contract.

Sulicich will remain with MyState for at least 18 months.

MyState chair Miles Hampton, said the Board had come to the view that given the uncertainty of the present time, it was important to maintain continuity in the leadership team and had approached Sulicich to request he delay his plans to return to Sydney.

Hampton said the Board are delighted that Melos had agreed to stay on with the business.

“Melos knows our business very well and his ongoing leadership will ensure we get through this challenging period as a strong bank, focused on our customers and our communities,” Hampton said.