OCR Labs launches an identity verification “gamechanger”

  • By Zilla Efrat

Digital identity verification company, OCR Labs, has launched Australia’s first self-service verification of identity product – OCR Labs Self-Service VOI – for the highly competitive mortgage market.

OCR Labs, the first private company accredited as an identity provider under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework, calls this new product an “identity verification gamechanger”.

With Australia’s housing market at its highest peak, OCR Labs says the surge in value means brokers and planners are experiencing huge volumes of real estate and financial transactions, and a big demand for fast, innovative verification of identity.

“The new OCR Labs self-service product was created in a COVID-world when meeting face-to-face wasn’t possible,” it says. “The platform means that brokers and financial planners have access to a compliant, easy-to-use, and seamless identity verification experience in just 30 seconds.”

OCR Labs’ chief operating officer, Ronnie Kessler, says the mortgage broking and financial planning industries have been crying out for change.

“From the old traditional paper legacy systems to slow processing systems to not being able to meet face-to-face, the verification of identity market was well and truly ready for a shake-up, and OCR Labs is doing just that with a trusted, and cost-effective solution,” he says.

“We are incredibly excited with the trajectory OCR Labs is on. The impact we are making in being a trusted digital verification of identity partner to our customers within the Federal Government, mortgage, banking, telco and financial sectors, shows the value the platform is making to their business needs.”