Ping and Mortgage Choice plan to tackle data identity

  • By Kate Weber

Ping Identity released findings from its annual survey revealing 82 per cent of Australian consumers would no longer engage with a brand following a data breach, along with their new security partnership with Mortgage Choice. 

In the report, Trust and Accountability in the Era of Breach and Data Misuse, another 49 per cent of respondents said they have become increasing protective of their personal data over the course of the last year. 

Social media companies showed the most lack of trust amongst consumers with only 25 per cent reporting they feel confident in the platforms ability to safely store data. 

This exposed a stark contrast to financial services as 63 per cent said they were confident in their ability to protect data. 

On top of this 65 per cent stated they believe the organisation is responsible for data protection, even if users fall victim to phishing scams or un-protected WIFI connections. 

“With a large percentage of consumers holding companies responsible for data protection, there is a competitive advantage for organisations that deliver secure and convenient experiences through identify management and with that, danger for those who don’t,” said chief customer information office at Ping Identity, Richard Bird. 

Along with Mortgage Choice, Ping Identity is leveraging its solutions to enable more than 400 franchisees with cloud single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, centralised access management and security, and modern directory services. 

It’s planned the partnership will result in top-level security at scale for APIs, microservices and web properties for Mortgage Choice.

“There’s no question, businesses risk losing customers and damaging their brands if they lack strong, transparent data protection practices.”

Ping Identity’s support for open standards is also key for Mortgage Choice. 

“We’re having more discussions about consuming APIs from different providers. Having the ability to authenticate, expose our own data and consume their data—using leading and emerging standards instead of spending time defining interfaces—is paramount,” says Michael Paredes, head of delivery at Mortgage Choice.

"For example, Ping Identity's SAML support allows Mortgage Choice to securely provision users to its new ZenDesk implementation, whilst addressing unique security concerns related to operating a franchise business model. 

“SAML is very scalable and Mortgage Choice was able to get this up and running within one day," Paredes added.