Police and Nurses bank hires CTO

  • By AB+F Editorial

P&N Group has hired Phil Thistlethwaite to the newly created role of chief transformation officer. 

With the merger and subsequent integration of the organisation’s customer-owned banking brands (P&N Bank in Western Australia and bcu in New South Wales and south-east Queensland), P&N has plans to continue to grow its national presence and footprint both organically and through future partnerships.

The group now has 150,000 members. 

“With the pace of change, levels of fintech disruption and the continuing consolidation of the customer-owned banking sector, our members deserve an organisation that not only remains relevant, but one that can also play a leading role in offering more Australians a genuine banking alternative to the major banks,” P&N Group CEO Andrew Hadley said.

Thistlethwaite joined the P&N Group in late 2019 in a consulting capacity, directing the integration program between P&N Bank and bcu post the November 2019 merger.