Three reasons to attend Intersekt

  • By AB+F Editorial

We like to think of Intersekt as Australia’s most thought-provoking conference, and with good reason. 

This year we’re tackling some of the toughest topics in fintech, including Australia’s looming Open Banking rollout, the fallout from the Haynes Royal Commission and further exits following Prospa’s IPO. 

With so much change set to take place in 2020, Intersekt is well and truly primed to set the agenda for our industry. 

The agenda is full of sessions, networking events and mixers for delegates. But just one week ahead of the event, I wanted to offer my top three reasons why this year’s Intersekt conference shouldn’t be missed.

Amazing overseas speakers

There’s a total of seven overseas speakers attending Intersekt this year. They’re discussing a range of topics including fintech bank integration, to Open Banking. 

They include: 

• Gwen Sandberg, Tink

• Aoife Houlihan, Klarna

• Murali Akella, TransferWise

• Joanne Smith, Recordsure

• David Thomasson, Metro Bank

• Nilixa Devlukia, Payments Solved

• Kaushalya Somasundaram, Former HSBC

Most are from the UK -- a market broadly respected by our community for its progressive fintech industry. It’s also a celebration of our new fintech bridge program -- which will also be discussed at Intersekt. 

More engaging events

We’ve listened to the feedback from last year and have shaken up the agenda. Panels are shorter and more dynamic. There are more debates and discussions than ever before. There are over 20 panels, all focused around core fintech issues. 

Many companies also intend to break news at Intersekt. For example, our sector’s flagship report, the annual EY FinTech Census will be launched and discussed at Intersekt. 

We’ve also placed separate panels on similar industry themes on different days, so if you have a clash you can make it to the other panel. 

Great networking

Finally, what would Intersekt be without ample networking opportunities? After hearing all of these ideas and discussions, we need to give you a chance to talk about them. 

We want attendees to leave Intersekt will a full contact book. 

Networking events, mixers and cocktail closing session is a staple of Intersekt’s agenda. We’re also hosting more dinners and drinks than ever before, including specific industry dinners at various locations around Melbourne. 

So we are doing everything in our power to ensure you not only meet other people in fintech, but meet the right people. 

We hope to see you at Intersekt

Intersekt is held at Federation Square in Melbourne from October 15 to October 17. Purchase tickets on the Intersekt website.