Why RFi Analytics

Actionable insights
RFi Performance Analytics specialises in creating actionable insights and strategic recommendations to support decision making by senior managers in the financial services community.
‘What’, ‘Why’ & ‘What Next’
The team delivers insights on the ‘what’, ‘why’ and importantly the ‘what next’ by analysing customer, industry and portfolio data. Additional insights can be developed by cross referencing the organisational performance analysis with RFi Group’s customer research results.
Client value
Client value is created by analysing organisational performance using pooled bank and industry data, both through specific studies and formal, ongoing financial industry benchmarking programs and regular industry "Roundtable" forums.

Our services

Benchmarking Programs
RFi Performance Analytics run over 20 programs across Australia and New Zealand with over 1 billion data points analysed. Each program entails:
Working with industry

To develop the optimal performance metrics and to establish commons definitions and data standards

Collecting data from industry participants

This is collected on a regular basis, QA checking this and uploading the data to a secure database

Calculating benchmarks, generating and distributing reports and value add analysis

All done through a secure portal and online analytics platform

Facilitating regular industry discussion forums ("Roundtables")

These are to facilitate networking and to workshop industry issues with peers.

Running a range of special interest industry-wide initiatives

The team scope, spec, execute and analyse ad hoc survey information as well as coordinate industry initiatives.

Typical Benefits
Some of the benefits clients can expect from working with us.

Participants gain a clear picture of their portfolio performance versus system - in detail - using real numbers

Inclusion in executive packs

For most organisations our reports go into executive packs and board reports.

Accurate data

Accurate data is on hand to respond to difficult/anecdote based questions from Regulators, Board Members and other divisions

Latest industry information

Our reports and Roundtables provide a 'heads-up' on developing issues in the market.

Collaborative thinking

The Roundtable forums provide the benefits of pooled thinking in regard to industry issues and reassurance that peers are sharing similar experiences.

Find out how your company is tracking
Learn more about how we cross-reference our data with RFi Group's customer research results.
Analytics Testimonials
“The RFi Roundtable forums have given me the ability to see early indicators and to look into different areas of my business and see how we are going. It has allowed me to give the Board and Senior Management reassurance that we’re not alone, for example that we are not writing higher proportion business than competitors in particular market segments. The conversations which occur around the table add a lot of value and the RFi team do a tremendous job in understanding the mood of the room, and really challenging what the individuals around the table are talking about and what the issues are. They will not let one member occupy the agenda, therefore giving everybody an equal voice.”
Head of Credit
Mid tier Australian Bank
“RFi Performance Analytics provide a very unique service. It’s one of very few forums where you can actually do anything from an industry point of view, to talk and create momentum in an open manner and get insight from peers. It gives people around the table the opportunity to say that the industry needs a better solution in place for different issues, and getting an understanding as to whether or not there is enough appetite to undergo such changes. Through the Roundtable forums, I have also been able to understand how my organisation has compared to my peers, to gain insight around drivers for particular events and pinpoint actual customer issues.”
Head of Business Credit Portfolio Management
Major Australian Bank
“Moving from a number of years in a Major bank to a non-major, I felt that there was a lot to be done in my new role. The Roundtable programs assisted me in getting a huge amount of change in a short amount of time for my new position. I did this through the ability to have safe conversations in a safe environment with peers who are up there with the best of breed from my industry. Attendance at the Roundtables were absolutely invaluable as it gave me suggestions about where we currently are and where we should be as an organization in terms of maturity”.
Executive Manager Retail Recoveries
Mid tier Australian Bank
“The key strength of RFi Performance Analytics is in bringing a number disparate entities such as major and non-major banks and mutuals together and get them on an equal footing. They have done a great job in levelling that playing field. As a mutual, I feel that our voice is as equally accepted as a major bank for example. RFi does this by opening the communication and trust around the table in a facilitated manner and allowing everybody to have a voice.”
Credit Assurance Manager
Large Australian Mutual