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Financial services expertise
Bringing together financial services expertise and research excellence, RFi Group is engaged by financial services institutions around the world. Due to our expansive reach, we are able to offer global and regional best practice examples and insights that can be applied within local markets.
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Thought Leadership projects
Leveraging RFi Group’s global reach and financial services expertise, our bespoke research helps clients raise their profile in target markets. This is done by developing unique content that can be delivered through the production of thought leadership reports and events. Please scroll down to view some of our latest co-published reports.
Research methodologies
When conducting our research, we use a wide range of research methodologies and cover the entire spectrum of financial services, meaning that our experienced Directors come equipped with broad experience on which to base actionable insights.

Our Services

Choice modelling
Choice modelling allows for an in depth and precise analysis of various ‘real-life’ options that consumers might face. Survey respondents evaluate several scenarios, each with competing product/ service attributes combined in such a way to maximise the amount of information obtained from each respondent’s choice. This enables us to measure the potential appeal of any products/ product features vs. competing options. They can be used to help with:
New market development

Determining which products and product features will resonate with new market segments

Marketing & positioning of communications

Understanding the messaging that will resonate with new and existing customers

Business model validation

Helping clients maximising the impact of new and existing initiatives

Workshop facilitation
Our presenters are skilled at running workshops for senior stakeholders who require a more interactive insights session than is afforded by a standard presentation. These sessions allow for focused delivery of research that talks to the key strategic priorities of your business. Workshops can be a great platform for:
Identification or refinement of strategic priorities

Understanding the greatest opportunities in horizons one, two and three

Brainstorming & ideation

Bringing together executives in a collaborative environment to uncover new ideas and approaches

Deep dive into customer experience drivers

Determining the why behind the numbers. What actually impacts on KPI metrics and how can executives influence them?

Thought Leader Reports

RFi Group works with organisations that operate directly in the financial services industry or that are targeting the financial services industry on thought leadership initiatives. These organisations are typical looking to engage stakeholder groups including Government, Industry, Media and Customers.

RFi Group partners with these organisations by providing data and insight that can then be leveraged for promotional purposes. By creating unique content that cuts to the heart of important issues, RFi Group enables these organisations to increase their exposure to their target audience.

The thought leadership content is typically promoted via the following channels, all of which are areas that RFi  Group provides support to:
- Client events such as thought leadership breakfasts and roundtable discussions
- Press releases and media events
- Published reports and white papers

Visa- RFi Group Payments Report

In 2015 and 2016 RFi was commissioned to conduct research and write an engaging report for Visa to drive demand and thought leadership in the Australian market.  Unpicking key trends and leading edge opportunities in payments at a market and issuer level, this report is used by Visa for direct client engagement and a broad business PR campaign.

Genworth LMI Thought Leadership Reports:
Over the last 10 years, RFi has been producing thought leadership content for Genworth in Australia and around the world in the form of  reports entitled:
- Home Grown (based on surveys of lenders, brokers and consumers)
- Streets Ahead (based on consumer surveys of home ownership and affordability)
- International Mortgage Trends (based on consumers surveys across six international mortgage markets)
Together the reports cover the mortage broker, consumer and international mortgage markets with a focus on sentiment and attitudes towards to the economy, personal finances, mortgage insurance and property. These reports have been used by Genworth to engage government, mortgage lenders and broking industry participants, through PR and thought leadership events.

American Express: The economy of shopping small: Custom counts report
In 2016 RFi Group was the research partner for the Shop Small campaign. Shop Small is a nationwide movement, founded by American Express, that brings together support from the business community, governments and consumers to support small businesses. In support of the campaign RFi conducted quantitative research among both consumers and small businesses, as well qualitative research among small businesses. RFi’s research sought to highlight the important contribution made by small businesses to local communities and the people that live in them.   

Rabobank Financial Health Barometer
For the last five years RFi has been producing Rabobank’s Financial Health Barometer, which delves into the motivations and behaviours of the nation’s consumers with regard to saving, spending and borrowing. Rabobank uses the output to fill its annual PR calendar and regularly pushes stories out to the media around key dates – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter etc.

Telstra Millennials Report
RFi feeds data into Telstra’s internationally focused Millennials report, providing data on Millennials across eight markets - Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the US. The report is used by Telstra for thought leadership in the Australian market and also as a means of increasing brand awareness and engagement outside of its home market.


Our areas of coverage

Areas of coverage

What our clients are saying about us
I have found the intelligence sourced and shared to be of immerse value in better understanding the competitive environment we operate in. The team at RFi Group are always efficient in response and keep our needs at the forefront of their priorities at all times.
Marketing Director
RFi Group are one of the few companies that I have found that are able to combine a knowledge of banking with the capabilities to conduct robust research and analysis.
Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management
HSBC Singapore
Our participation in the Contactless project has provided us with invaluable insights into the current landscape and appetite for growth that have informed numerous projects in our development pipeline.
Senior Research Manager
ING Direct