2017: The year that was

The geopolitical consequences of a Trump presidency have moved Gateway Credit Union chief executive, Paul Thomas, to verse.

‘Tis the week before Christmas, so with joy we should jump,

But this hap-happiest season has been dampened by Trump.

Peace and goodwill is not the way of the president,

In the Oval Office, he should not be the resident.


The pollsters are restless not snug in their beds,

With the election result still going around in their heads.

The Donald’s victory took many pundits by surprise,

They’re still coming to grips with a choice so unwise.


The people too are questioning their grey matter,

Protesters in the street have made such a clatter.

A once great nation is being torn apart,

Such divisive comments, the leader does impart.


“It’s the fault of fake news”, cries the commander in chief,

From his aggression and vitriol, there is no relief.

His relentless abuse and Twitter attacks,

Extend to those around him who he eventually sacks.


Now Congress! now Lawmakers! now Courts and Free-Press!

You must work together to rein in this presidential mess.

Running a country like a business makes no sense,

The rule of law must be respected, just ask Mike Pence.


The G20 is now the G19, Trump has isolated his nation,

A sceptical international community won’t embrace his narration.

With the world coming to grips with growing protectionism,

Leaders must work together to counter rising nationalism.


An act of national self-harm, the Brexit referendum,

Britain’s EU separation, a rejection of globalisation’s momentum.

A British decision but a global shock,

The Brexit timetable now a race against the clock.


The countdown to an uncertain future extends beyond the UK,

The world is rattled, it won’t disappear on Christmas Day.

A lack of trust in politics, in media and in business,

Has driven rising discontent with little signs of forgiveness.


In the battle for hearts and minds, few leaders are admired,

Citizens are restless, many feel uninspired.

How to garner support is the challenge before us,

Just getting people to listen would be a plus.


Riots and revolutions won’t cause our problems to cease,

Just as hurling abuse at rogue nations won’t lead to peace.

From Spain to Saudi Arabia, politics grabbed the headlines,

A changing geopolitical landscape with shifting fault-lines.


Beyond political machinations there is a greater shame,

More sinister and vile than any political game.

Rampant sexual abuse is nothing short of repugnant,

Such sordid behaviour leaves us feeling indignant.


From Hollywood to politics and sport and fashion,

The harrowing stories of victims drew compassion.

Women around the world are speaking with one voice,

No perpetrator has a right to take away their choice.


But for now our thoughts turn to the season of goodwill,

And the excitement that comes from stockings to fill.

It won’t be long before Santa’s on his way,

If you listen carefully, you’ll soon hear his sleigh.

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