Asia: Bursa Malaysia to waive stamp duty on mid and small business trading

To further enhance the access of long-term capital for mid and small cap companies, as well encourage entrepreneurship in the market, the Malaysian government announced stamp duty exemption on trading of mid and small-cap shares. This exemption period will take effect in March this year and will last for three years.

Exemption of the stamp duty will be able to enhance better value recognition and vibrancy in mid and small cap companies of the course, as well as encourage greater participation from investors.

According to Bursa Malaysia, there are around 350 small and medium cap companies listed on the exchange, contributing to MYR 200 billion (USD 54 billion) of total market capitalization.

According to RFi Group data, nearly one in four (26%) small and medium-sized businesses (SME) in Malaysia are planning to invest in their business within the next year.

Going forward the government’s aid in waiving this stamp duty will support SMEs’ long-term funding needs.

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