ASIA: Cardless withdrawals at ATMs with BCA Sakuku

Indonesia Bank Central Asia’s (BCA) mobile banking transactions have increased significantly by 33% in 2016. In the first quarter of this year, there were 244.8 million mobile banking transactions, worth Rp 214.7 trillion (US$16.12 billion) transacted by the customers.

To encourage more mobile banking use, BCA has launched a new cash withdrawal feature for its mobile banking platform and Sakuku apps. Sakuku is an electronic wallet that allows users to make payments, mobile top-ups and carry out other banking transactions. With this cash withdrawal feature, customers can now withdraw cash at ATMs without a debit card. Hence it helps customers to transact in scenarios where they do not have a wallet or cash on hand. When using Sakuku’s cash withdrawal function, users just need to enter the amount of cash to be received and generate the withdrawal codes on their phones. After that, users can enter their phone numbers and the withdrawal codes at the ATMs to withdraw money.

According to RFi Group data in H2 2016, ATM is the most commonly used channel for customers to perform routine banking transactions. More than half (54%) of retail banking customers use ATMs to conduct banking transactions at least once per week. Despite the evolution of mobile banking and payments, cash transactions still take place, especially at places where the network connectivity is not good. As more value-added mobile app features are making withdrawals at ATMs more hassle-free, we expect the usage of mobile apps and ATMs to remain high in the foreseeable future.

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