Australia: CUA launches Apple Pay on its eftpos rediCARD

Credit Union Australia (CUA), Australia’s largest credit union, has expanded its digital wallet services offering. Having already launched Android Pay with eftpos late last year, bringing Apple Pay to CUA’s eftpos rediCARD holders allows them to utilise their iPhones and Apple watches to make efficient and secure eftpos payments.

CUA members will now be able to sidestep Visa and Mastercard’s longer contactless credit processing time by using their own money in real time via eftpos savings and cheque accounts. Prior to this, with the Visa or Mastercard credit system, transactions remained in the account history of consumers for a few days with a “pending” status.

According to RFi Group data, the ability to instantly pay or transfer funds is highly important to over 60% of retail banking consumers, and while many consumers are still warming up to digital wallet services, Apple Pay has been consistently popular in 2017.

CUA has expressed their excitement about offering the newest, secure and most convenient payment methods to their full range of CUA issued credit and debit cards. Matthew Lobdell CUA Head of Payments indicated that the credit union is focused on being available to members 24/7, allowing them to choose how they would prefer to interact with the provider.

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