Australia: NAB opens developer access to branch, ATM and foreign exchange rate data

National Australia Bank (NAB) has announced an Application Programming Interface (API) developer portal so that external developers can connect to its data sources and create websites and apps. Anthony Cahill, NAB’s Chief Operating Officer, says that the launch will open opportunities to connect with third parties to create leading customer innovations. Currently, access is only given to a closed network of developers, while a more open beta version will likely be released early next year. The first two NAB API’s will have data on NAB branch and ATM locations as well as NAB foreign exchange rates. NAB Executive General Manager of Digital, Todd Copeland, says that one way this could be used is as a plug-in to an external travel app. Previously, NAB has also exchanged data using API’s with companies such as Xero, MYOB and Visa to create more integrated services. September 2016 RFi Group data on smartphone owners finds that 53% of NAB customers perform banking via an app on their phone, compared to 45% of the total market.

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