Canada: Alberta Bill poised for pipeline trade war

Alberta has raised pressure on British Columbia in the latest row over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, which has already seen the sale of B.C. wine being temporarily banned in the province.

Newly proposed Albertan legislation titled Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act, or simply Bill 12, has outlined Alberta’s intent to help “B.C. to come around and focus on what this pipeline actually means” as said by Premier Notley.

The existing Trans Mountain pipeline ships most of the gasoline and aviation fuel used in B.C., and any restrictions put in place by Alberta would result in shortages and price rises in its western neighbour.

Bill 12 will allow the Albertan Energy Minister the power to issue licences for energy exports, which would set limits on how much can be exported and to where, as well as whether the exports are transported by rail, truck or pipe.

Companies who violate the Energy Ministers licenses would see a $10M daily fine.

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