Canada: Alipay partners with SnapPay to expand presence in Canada

Alipay, a Chinese mobile payment service with more than 520 million users worldwide, has partnered with Canadian tech firm SnapPay Inc. in an effort to expand its presence in Canada. The move will enable Chinese shoppers to purchase goods and services from participating Canadian merchants, both in-store and online, using their Alipay mobile wallet.

China stands out as Canada’s second largest export market, with over $19 million worth of goods exported in 2016. Coincidentally, Canada has become a major destination for Chinese tourists attracting 610,000 arrivals last year – an increase of 24% year-on-year.

In effect, this fosters Canadian businesses to accept and/ or maintain utilising Alipay to sell goods to a non-local market and can also enhance in-person business. Alipay North America President Souheil Badran commented, “We want to continue offering Chinese consumers visiting Canada the ability to pay as they would in China, but we also want to offer Canadian merchants the opportunity to access the Chinese market.

Prior to the announcement, more than 700 Canadian merchants already accept Alipay, but the partnership with SnapPay will see the service expanding significantly. According to RFi Group data, 37% of Canadian merchants with the capability to accept cards also accept payments made via mobile wallets

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