Canada: Battle of the exports: B.C. vs Alberta

Alberta has made two retaliatory moves since the B.C. government began discussions on limiting bitumen exports, which could slow down or even prevent the expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline project.

Alberta initially ended negotiations involving the purchase of B.C. power and most recently introduced a ban on B.C. wine. While B.C. only e xports C$70 million worth of wine to Alberta, this ban directly affects Kelowna West, which was facing an imminent by-election.

Albertan premier Rachel Notley said “I know a lot of Albertans who love B.C. wine… Just like I know a lot of British Columbians who love to drive their cars, fly in planes, and heat their homes using Alberta energy products.”

University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe believes this action will get a lot of attention given the by-election and is a move that will “punch above its weight”.

RFi Group data gathered in H2 2017 showed Albertan small businesses felt the impact of the regulatory and legislative change would worsen over the next 12 months, while small businesses in B.C. felt they would slightly improve.

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