Global Digital Banker Podcast: Episode 77 with Jill Docherty, Visa

November 14, 2020

A Global Citizen and Champion for Change – with Jill Docherty, Head of Business Development UK&I; Fintech, Commercial & Strategic Growth Issuers at Visa

RFi Group's Director of Media and Communications Chloe James spoke with Visa's Jill Docherty - please listen to their chat via this link.

In this episode, they discuss:

- Jill’s career journey to date, and main function and key priorities Visa
- Her perspective on the impact of C19 on financial services and what Visa is doing to support customers
- The impacts of the shift to digital/ contactless/ online/ mobile during the C19 pandemic, is this a temporary or sustained trend?
- Her passion for fintech, diversity and women working in this field

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