LatAm: Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil (BB) has teamed up with IBM to improve its digital banking facilities. The bank is preparing to add a smart assistant to its mobile app that will help clients navigate the app. Once the digital assistant is in place, if a user writes or speaks into the app about a service that they want to perform, the application will try to understand the request and provide a response. This innovation should be available to customers in early 2017.

According to Jeovânio Bitencourte, the executive manager of BB's technology board, the tool will be developed only for devices that run Android or iOS. He continued by saying “The general idea is to simplify the app. The number of products and services in the BB app is great and ends up being reflected in the menu. With the assistant, it will simplify the way the customer sees the bank. You can speak naturally, as if talking to your manager or the bank teller.”

Currently, according to RFi Group data, only 1 in 4 banking customers make changes to the products they hold via mobile banking, whilst only 14% have resolved a problem or complaint via this channel. The new mobile banking feature may encourage consumers to complete these tasks, as well as other similar tasks, via mobile banking.

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