NZ: Alipay furthering efforts in New Zealand

Alipay believes that greater merchant acceptance of the mobile payment service could help persuade more Chinese tourists to visit New Zealand. New Zealand currently has over 400,000 Chinese visitors annually, totalling $1.7 billion in revenue, with this figure is estimated to rise to $4 billion by 2020.

RFi Group data shows only 10% of New Zealanders are aware of Alipay currently. However, this percentage is dwarfed by statistics in China. Alipay states that 54% of the Chinese population use the app, with half a billion Chinese using it daily. 

Recently, there has been an increased promotion of Alipay across New Zealand, with Christchurch Airport leading the way. A South Island-wide project was launched in April 2017, to promote and raise awareness amongst local merchants. Justin Watson, Christchurch Airport chief aeronautical and commercial officer stated that “More than 3,000 businesses in the South Island expressed interest in using Alipay through the project”.

Alipay has also conducted its own push into New Zealand with merchant infrastructure rolled out last year to Chinese hotspots including tourist locations, airports, and luxury shopping retailers. Since this initial push, Alipay has begun to widen its scope and is also targeting student locations and other major tourist locations.

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