RFi Latest Report: Covid-19 Impact on US Finances & Banking Behaviours


4 Feburary 2021

‘Covid-19 Impact on Finances & Banking Behaviours of US Consumers’

RFi have released a report looking at the impact of the global pandemic on US consumer banking behavior which provides a deep look for financial institutions into the struggles and successes of their customers in 2020.

The report highlights how consumers have overcome the severe challenges and impacts of Covid-19 on their banking needs with both the national and regional banks.

Furthermore it; 

- Provides detailed insight on the segments most impacted by Covid-19
- Quantifies the size of the problem and advises what it will take for banks to get the response right
- Supports strategic planning & tactical prioritization, with clear and powerful data points on the US consumer banking market (inc. data on Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Capital One, PNC and more)

Please visit our Report Store  via this link for more information and to purchase the report directly


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