Standard Chartered introduces a new instant messaging application

In the first quarter of 2019, Standard Chartered will be introducing a new application called ‘Click2RM’ which allows secure instant messaging and file-sharing features between Private and Priority Banking clients and their Relationship Managers (RMs) on mobile devices.

Click2RM is designed to enable clients to discuss investment-related information and do video or voice calls with their RMs on the go. In addition, there is also a real-time file sharing feature for the bank’s investment publications and outlook notes, that can be catered to a client’s portfolio. Therefore, these features on the new application will improve communication between the clients and their RMs. DBS is another bank that has launched an instant messaging channel, Wealth Chat, this year. It is of a similar concept to Click2RM.

According to RFi Group data, the proportion of Private and Priority Banking clients in Singapore who are using mobile devices and tablet have increased over the past year – with 82% of them in the first half of 2018 indicating that they conduct their daily banking activities with their mobile devices or tablet. The introduction of this new Standard Chartered instant messaging application would be able to benefit from the larger pool of individuals and allow them to experience an enhanced and more seamless RM interaction through this application.

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