UAE: Banks work on unified complaint system

The UAE Banks Federation has announced that it is working with the country’s banks to create a unified system to deal with customer complaints. The organisation has launched a sector-wide inquiry to assess the scope of measures necessary to create a robust framework to address complaints and hopes that the unified approach will benefit the banking sector and eventually reduce the number of complaints overall. 
When announcing the decision, Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, who chairs the UAE Banks Federation, said that, “providing a unified framework for customer complaints will bring greater transparency and efficiency when dealing with grievances and make the process of redressal more meaningful and time-bound. Effective implementation of such a framework will translate into more empowered customers. We welcome participants to use this platform, where banks share commitment towards a stronger banking industry and happier customers.”
In 2015 when RFi asked UAE consumers what banks could do to improve their customer service, responsiveness to queries/problems and personalised service were identified as key focus areas. Improvements in these areas present the largest opportunities for UAE banks to effectively improve customer satisfaction with their customer service, so if the new integrated service allows for improvements in these areas, it could be valuable to UAE banks.

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