UK: Amazon launches new rewards card

Amazon has launched a new credit card in the UK, the Amazon Platinum MasterCard, which comes with several rewards for heavy Amazon shoppers. Cardholders will be able to earn 1.5 Amazon reward points for every £2 spent at and 1 point for every £2 spent everywhere else. Once 1,000 Amazon reward points are collected, a £10 Amazon gift card will be added to the customer’s Amazon account. In addition, there is no annual fee and those who take up the card will receive a £10 Amazon gift card when the card is activated. RFi Group research shows that rewards and cashback are the number one reason for cardholders to recommend their credit card provider. The launch and initial promotion has been low-key, however, suggesting that Amazon may be relying on word-of-mouth promotion to drive take-up of this product.

Source: RFi Group UK Priority & Retail Banking Council H2 2016

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