UK: Microsoft to partner with UK banks to introduce biometric banking

By Ella Tautz-Davis; RFi Group

Lloyds Bank, Halifax, and the Bank of Scotland have partnered with Microsoft to offer biometric security to their online banking platform, which means consumers will now be able to use face or fingerprint scans to log into their digital banking.

While many other UK financial institutions are developing their own biometric security features, Lloyds will be the first to offer Microsoft’s Windows 10 “Hello” service, which features these biometric security options. Rather than entering passwords or PINs, customers needing to access their bank account online will be able to scan their face or fingerprint, with the scans compared to information stored in their tablet, smartphone or laptop. The service will only be available to those who use a Surface table or Windows 10 PC or smartphone. Lloyds states this technology differs from other facial recognition tools as Microsoft Hello matches several data points on the customers faces instead of simply recognising an image.

Lloyds will run a trial of the service in the second half of this year, before the bank decides on a subsequent roll out to all its customers. According RFi Group UK Priority & Retail Banking Council data from H2 2016, many UK consumers (55%) consider internet banking via laptop or desktop computer to be their first preference when choosing how to conduct their day to day banking, with 27% selecting mobile banking via an app as their first preference. As more customers turn to digital banking banks will need to continually update their security to ensure consumer data is protected and the introduction of biometric security is an exciting step in this direction.

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