UK: Monzo partners with IFTTT to allow users to create ‘applets’

Monzo has partnered with the automation platform, If This Then That (IFTTT), to allow users to create applets, which are personalised conditions based on activities that consumers do regularly.

IFTTT allows users to create and link a series of different applets that could connect to their Monzo account. For example, if an individual uses a health tracking app to log calories, they can enable the pre-made applet so that it’ll automatically log in calories onto the app when making purchases at Starbucks.

Another example is that a user could set up an applet so that they could say to their google assistant ‘Save £10’, which would then move the amount into their Monzo savings pot. Customers will first have to create an account on IFTTT and connect this to Monzo.

Once Monzo applets are added to the IFTTT account, the automation platform will send real-time details of transactions. Monzo will also move any money on the customer’s behalf should they ask to transfer money into or out of pots.

Customers can create personalised applets but can also view the collection of pre-made applets from Monzo and add them onto their accounts. Further integration and functionality is also intended to be added to the Monzo-IFTTT service, for instance when making P2P or direct debit payments.

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