UK: Moven launches in the UK in just four weeks!

By Sarah Hollinshead, RFi Group

At FinovateEurope 2017, an event that took place in London yesterday, Moven announced the launch of their self-monitoring finance app in the UK. The company hope’s to make monetary monitoring easy for everyone.

The new UK app took Moven just four weeks to launch as the company works towards partnerships across the rest of Europe. Moven is eager to plan similarly speedy launches across the continent in the near future, surely leaving rivals struggling to catch up.

While Moven works alongside banks, the app also acts as an intermediary between traditional financial institutions and millennials, who often avoid them. This is because, for those born between the 1980s and late 1990s, the global recession of 2008 still holds a strong impression that banks are not to be trusted. The app provides a consolidated view of users’ financial information and helps rebuild the relationship by providing millennials with a means to re-engage with banks again.

“This is our first launch in Europe and we could not be happier with how smoothly the process has been,” says Moven COO Brett King . “Going by our quick release of the UK platform, we can’t wait to start working with other bank partners in the UK and across the rest of Europe. That way, we can further our aim of helping millions of people across the world monitor their spending and get saving.”

The software - available free on iOS and Android - helps users manage their finances. Users simply download the free Moven app from the UK app store, adding their current bank accounts. This allows the app to monitor and track spending habits. The app tracks spending habits and shows them how much, and where, they have been spending that month. This allows users to better control their spending, which is easier when they know exactly which habits that are costing them the most.

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