UK: New mobile payment app by Esso

Esso has started the official role out of its mobile payment app after completing a trial period involving 75 service stations.

The service is now set to be rolled out across Esso sites in the UK, with the expectation that 300 stations will offer the service by the end of the year, at a rate of 25 new sites a week.

To use the mobile payment feature, a customer will need to complete a registration process and select either Apple Pay or PayPal as the payment method. Once completed, customers will be able to open the app at a station, select the pump number they are using and authorise payment; with a cap of £100. Once authorised the customer will then be able to freely use the pump and fill up the desired amount. The app will track how much the customer has filled up and when the nozzle is returned to the pump, the app will confirm the amount paid and send a receipt to the user via email.

The app will also include a “Fuel Finder” feature that will direct consumers to sites that offer the mobile payment service.

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