UK: Yoyo launches marketing automation platform, Yoyo Engage

UK mobile wallet company, Yoyo, has announced the launch of Yoyo Engage, a marketing automation platform, which it claims will help provide data into the buying behaviours of consumers for brick and mortar retailers, as well as providing an avenue for personalised, mobile-centric marketing campaigns.

By collecting data generated through Yoyo’s mobile app at a basket and identity level, Yoyo will be able to analyse the information captured at an individual or segmented level to help retailers understand customer buying behaviours and preferences. Yoyo will also be able to track how consumers respond to mobile-marketing conducted through the app and other channels.

Yoyo Engage is expected to be adopted by leading retailers in the UK including Café Nero, Planet Organic and a wide spread of universities and corporate sites nationwide. According to Alain Flays, Co-Founder and CEO of Yoyo, “For the first time, physical stores will be able to benefit from the customer understanding and behavioural insight normally reserved for online players. Yoyo Engage is a big step forward in achieving these goals for our clients.”

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