Unlocking Loyalty: Cross-Sell in 2021 

With a steady rollout of global vaccines offering a glimpse of hope for a possible end to the ongoing pandemic, banks across the world find themselves balancing economic pressure, customer expectations and changing priorities.    

The COVID-19 pandemic remains the most strenuous challenge the finance sector has faced since the global financial crisis of 2008. It is increasingly clear that the banking landscape and how consumers interact with main financial institutions has forever changed. 

Digitalisation has come to the forefront, building robust consumer relationships is now as high a priority as delivering the best financial products and services. As banks contend with how to define success beyond the pandemic, those who want to not only survive but thrive need to become even more agile, enhance their digital offerings and delight customers like never before. 

Despite the uncertainty, one thing the pandemic has confirmed is that change can occur in an instant. Covid has catapulted transformation with recent RFi Group research observing a sharp increase in digital banking use throughout 2020. However, regardless of restrictions on in-person contact, consumers continue to seek human interaction, seamless services, and support to build trust. Therefore, the question remains - how do you deliver valuable experiences across all touchpoints?

Forward-looking financial leaders need to home in on data, observing shifting consumer behaviours, before, during and after the pandemic and analyse how ready their organisation is to adapt and serve in a post-covid era.    

This April, join RFi Group for a live webinar with RFi Group’s Research Director, Hubert Petka. He'll be answering the difficult questions facing today’s organisations. In just under 60 minutes, he'll delve into the implications of COVID-19, the importance of prioritising the MFI relationship and what factors result in highly engaged and satisfied consumers.

Discover how you can leverage data-driven insights to inform your strategy and build a roadmap for post-pandemic success.    

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