The benefits of conducting research with RFi Group

Actionable insights & advice
Our combination of research excellence with experienced banking knowledge means that we provide actionable insights that support decision-making at a tactical and strategic level. We provide practical, insightful, relevant, recommendations which have become a must have for our clients.
Customer Interviews
Each year RFi Group interviews 500,000 consumers and 100,000 corporates across 48 markets globally. Interviews are conducted via a combination of face-to-face, CATI and online methodologies.
Depth & breadth of coverage
The frequency, breadth and depth of our customer research means that we are always able to provide timely insights at a granular level in every market as economic and technology events occur.


Quantitative Research
RFi Group’s quantitative research methodologies enable it to quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviours, and other defined variables.

The majority of our 500,000 consumer & 50,000 corporate interviews are conducted online by tapping into a variety of panel partners within the region and globally. We also offer telephone & face to face research methodologies in other regions where appropriate.

Analytical techniques

RFi Group uses a broad range of analytical techniques including linear regression, polynominal regression and structural equation modelling


Our segmentation techniques help our clients identify unique customer segments that can be targeted or developed. These include psychographic, behavioural, and needs-based segmentation. The specific segmenting technique will vary but can include Discriminant analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis, conjoint based cluster analysis, and CHAID.


We offer our clients conjoint analysis, which is a powerful market research technique that measures how people make decisions based on certain features of a product or service. It decodes their purchasing behaviours helping you predict how your product or service will perform in the market.

Other techniques

’We can implement a range of other techniques based on client need. These include MaxDiff, factor analysis, cluster analysis and CHAID

Qualitative research
RFi Group employs qualitative research methodologies including focus groups and in-depth interviews in order to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations.

We can design and implement a wide variety of qualitative research approaches including focus groups, depth interviews, triads, qual cafés. Where applicable, all interactions can be supported by simultaneous translation, transcription, and audio-video recording.

Our projects

We undertake projects that have both qualitative and quantitative components, as well as projects that are entirely qualitative in nature.

Vision Critical

RFi Group has formed a strategic relationship with Vision Critical. For our clients, this relationship means the team can build engaged, secure communities of customers that can be used continuously, across the enterprise, for ongoing, real-time feedback and insight.


Membership programs
Each council aims to provide best practice research, decision-support tools and strategic advice to financial institutions. Our goal is to provide locally relevant research for retail banking, payments and commerical banking institutions while discovering and profiling the best new relevant thinking and relevant strategies from across the globe.
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“I have been consistently impressed with RFi Group's comprehensive reports and the actionable insights provided. Their reports have been well received within the bank and are easily integrated with the business decision making process.”
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